Elements of a Teen Behavior Contract

If you are a social media user then you’ve probably come across the meme that says, "Parenting a teen is like trying to nail Jello to a wall" (or some similar version). Well, if you are the parent of a teen then you know that this statement isn't necessarily that far off base.

Parenting a teen does indeed have its challenges - everything from behavior issues, dating, beginning to drive, school issues, transportation, getting their first job…and the list goes on.

Addressing all these issues can be challenging enough – but then you have the teen attitude and teen hormones to deal with on top of all of that! Ugh!

Elements of a Teen Behavior Contract So, what is a parent to do?

Well, one interesting (and highly effective) solution is to try a behavior contract with your teen. A well-written behavior contract can cover any variety of issues - such as those listed above…and more!

Tired of your teen bringing his cell phone to the dinner table?
Fed up with your teen daughter's messy room?
Ready to address your teen’s negative attitude?

These are all perfect issues to address in a teen behavior contract! In fact, your options are almost unlimited. As long as you are able to be reasonable and fair with regards to the issues you want to address - then go for it!

If this is something that appeals to you, then you will need to know the elements of a well-written behavior contract. Here is my take...

A Well-Written Behavior Contract Should Contain the Following Elements:

1.It should start with an introductory statement.
2.It should state the behavior (or set of behaviors) that are either expected or prohibited - in great detail.
3.It should spell out the privileges and restrictions (rewards and consequences) that will be earned based upon the teen's ability to meet the expectations stated in the contract.
4.It should contain an affirmation of understanding between the two parties (parents and teen).
5.It should contain a space for both parties to sign.

And there you have it! Behavior contracts are relatively easy to put in place and they can be highly effective as well. Although the initial step (creating the behavior contract) can be time-consuming and might take a bit of effort, there are pre-written teen contracts that can be downloaded and printed off without the hassle of having to "re-create the wheel."

If you are interested in checking out some pre-written behavior contracts, then we have what you are looking for! Please take a look around to learn more about the teen contracts we have to offer.